The Administrative Professional’s Trip Planner

“TRAVO is the ONLY trip planning and booking tool built exclusively for the administrative professional.”

Tae Lee, Founder

What Makes TRAVO the Greatest
Trip Planner for Admins?

First of all, we’re crazy passionate about working with admins. In fact, every feature in our product has been built from suggestions and interviews with thousands of admins since the company’s founding. We believe there is simply no substitute for a well trained, technically inclined administrative professional armed with the right tools.

So what has all this research and passion led to? How about a travel planning product that allows admins to walk through their travelers trip from start to finish, all while accounting for and recalculating those pesky last minute meeting additions. A trip planner that allows for seamless communication and approval between the admin and their traveler so you don’t get a trip approved AFTER a flight’s prices have gone up days later. A booking tool that allows you to have literally everything in one place so it’s easy to track, easy to expense, and easy to book. That’s the greatest trip planner for admins – This is TRAVO.

TRAVO’s leadership team collectively has over 75 years of experience in the travel and hospitality industry along with an extremely talented product and engineering teams from Fortune 500 companies and top-tier engineering programs.

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Do you dream of being a big part of something revolutionary? Do you want to change the way people plan and book their trips in an amazingly innovative way? Do you prefer to work in smaller teams and have a massive amount of impact? If so, we're looking for you!

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