The admin's trip planner Trip planning for administrative professionals

TRAVO is proudly partnered and trusted by the largest and most prestigious admin learning organizations

How it Works

TRAVO is easy to use and allows you, the admin, to be in the driver's seat!


Add travelers to your team

Add executives and travelers you're planning for to your team and manage their individual preferences all in one place!


Create a trip for your traveler

Create a trip for your travelers using TRAVO's revolutionary end-to-end trip planner complete with traffic data, weather, distance/timing calculations, and much more!


Book at discounted rates

TRAVO has exclusive corporate rates on flights, hotels, and rentals. You can save time AND money while looking good doing it!

Finally, features just for Admins!

Let's face it, you're used to being forced to use technology and tools meant for others and you're sometimes forced to use tools that makes it harder to do your job. Here are some admin-centric features we've created just for you!

Guided Itineraries

No, we're not just talking about itineraries that show flight and hotel confirmations. TRAVO intuitively gives you minute-by-minute walk-through itineraries that calculate timing based on distance, traffic, and much more.

Faster Approvals

With TRAVO tools, you and your manager can collaborate on a trip and build a "living itinerary". Best of all, we will automatically remind your traveler to approve the trip so you won't have to.

Easily Export Calendars

Have your Itinerary where you need it, when you want it. TRAVO Calendar collects the events, itineraries, and confirmation details, so you can instantly export to iCal, Outlook, Google Calendar, and even Word.

Book in Seconds

Your traveler has a dozen different loyalty accounts, multiple credit cards, not to mention passport information, and let's not forget quirky travel habits. How great would it be to not have to type it in every time you book and have it all in once place?

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